TimeTec / Access & Time Control System

Timetec consist of an electronic touch button reader system, which allows
employees to clock in and out of the work premises. This information is
automatically added to the Wages Module on Vantage/OSOEasy to produce an electronic
clock report.

Timetec also allows employees to electronically clock in and out of jobs as they
work. This live information is immediately transferred to the computer and into
the relevant job. No more manual labour costing!

To do a profit analysis on labour now becomes a much simpler exercise.

What is available to the repairer is:

A complete record of the employee’s movements for the day, week or month.

Exact times of when he clocked in and out of the premises and on and off of jobs.

All overtime recorded accurately.

Realistic records of idle time –
time that the employee was on the premises, but not booked to a job.

In the quote, the progress on the job can be tracked as it takes place.

With the push of a button, the labour is costed for the period to all the relevant jobs.

It is also transferred to the payroll system,
from where the hours can be imported onto the payslip.

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